Learn Programming With Scratch

Speed start your kids early with the scratch programming tool of Google - and learn programming in easy to use graphical tool, and have fun making games and develop your logic along the way. For children +7 years old.


Build Games and Share Online

Students can program their own interactive stories, games, and animations and share their creations with others in the online community.


Learn, Practice and Master the Scratch in 3 months

  •  Personal learning sessions, with a maximum of 2-3 students per batch.
  •  Complete 3 sessions, 4 lectures per session, 1 lecture a week.
  •  Master skills with the help of 12+ assignments & gain success in your career.
  •  Practice in between two classes to improve your learning.
  •  Learn from experienced professionals, with real-world assignments


Course Fee

Full Course Fee: 30,000 INR

Under Skill Development Initiative, discount of 50 % available for Students and Needy (those struggling to get a good job).


Scratch Programming - Course Syllabus
Level 1 : Basics
Part A: Introduction
  1. Introduction
  2. Programming Overview
Part B: Getting Started
  1. Installing or accessing Scratch
Part C: Familiarise the Tools
  1. Scratch App Overview
  2. Understanding Scratch App
  3. Create New Project
Part D: Learn Programming Basic
  1. Variables
  2. Operators
  3. Conditions and Loops
  4. Movements and Signals
  5. Blocks, Commands and Events
  6. Creating and Playing with Sprites
Level 2 : Advanced
Part A: Random positioning
  1. Moving Sprites
  2. Controlling Moving Speed
Part B: Rainbow Line Animation
  1. Creating new Sprites
  2. Basic Animation
  3. Rainbow Line Animation
Part C: Maze Game
  1. Moving Sprite
  2. Adding Maze Levels
Part D: Maze Game Advance
  1. Adding Second Player
  2. Adding Traps
  3. Adding Cheat Code
Level 3 : Expert
Part A: Basket Ball Game
  1. Programming Gravity
  2. Hitboxes and Programming the Hoop
  3. Programming the Basketball
  4. Adding a Second Player
Part B: Brick Breaker Game
  1. Programming the Paddle
  2.  Adding Bouncing Bal
  3. Adding Animated Text
  4. Adding Colorful backgrounds
Part C: Snake Game
  1. Creating Snake
  2. Obstacle Detection
  3. Adding Points

Part C: Fruit Slicer Game

  1. Making Game Screen
  2. Programming Begin Button
  3. Creating Sliced Fruits
  4. Fruit poping
  5. Handling Game Events
  6. Handling Game End

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