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Develop stronger programming concepts in the young children with the worlds fastest growing programming language - Python, using fun to learn technique curated specially for kids from +9 years old.


Test on real environment

Students can test and debug their Codes using VS Code graphical debugger.


Learn, Practice and Master the Scratch in 3 months

  •  Personal learning sessions, with a maximum of 2-3 students per batch.
  •  Complete 3 sessions, 4 lectures per session, 1 lecture a week.
  •  Master skills with the help of 12+ assignments & gain success in your career.
  •  Practice in between two classes to improve your learning.
  •  Learn from experienced professionals, with real world assignments


Course Fee

Full Course Fee : 40,000 INR

Under Skill Development Initiative, discount of 50 % available for Students and Needy (those struggling to get a good job).


Python Developer - Course Syllabus
Level 1 : Basics
Part A: Introduction
  1. Introduction
  2. Python overview
Part B: Getting Started
  1. Installing Python
  2. Installing and configuring VS Code
Part C: Familiarise the Tools
  1. VS Code Overview
  2. Create and Run Python Code
Part D: Learn Python Basic
  1. Python Syntax, Variables, DataTypes
  2. Python Operators
  3. Python core coding (If, Loops )
  4. Creating Functions
Level 2 : Advanced
Part A: Turtle Graphics
  1. Introduction
  2. Creating Circle Spiral
  3. Adding Multiple Colors
  4. Adding Background
Part B: Functions
  1. Basics of Python Functions
  2. def Keyword
  3. Interactions between Python Functions
  4. return Keyword
  5. Recursion Functions
Part C: Basic Games
  1. Guessing Game
  2. Rock Paper Scissors
Level 3 : Expert

Part A: Dealing Cards

Part B: Comparing Cards

Part C: A Colorful Kaleidoscope

Part D: Tic Tac Toe

Part E: Creating Calculator

Part D: Advance Logic

  1. Programs to improve logic
  2. Sorting
  3. Algorithms

Part G: Mathematical Structures

  1. Tree
  2. Identify Prime Number
  3. Print Prime Series Between 0 – 100
  4. Magic Square Game

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