Full access to Latest Development Resources

With latest version of Visual Studio, ASP.Net and .Net framework, you will become ready to work on a professional project immediately upon completion of the course and gain peer appreciation rapidly.

Learn C# with ASP.Net and build Microsoft based applications and services with confidence. Build your logic and OOPs concept along the way. Know how to deploy, debug and maintain source code to build robust and highly scalable applications.


Test on real environment

Students can upload and test their applications on a real server, learn how to deploy apps, how to configure IIS and how to handle security problems and error logs.


Learn, Practice and Master the technology in 3 months

  •  Personal learning sessions, with a maximum of 2-3 students per batch.
  •  Complete 3 sessions, 4 lectures per session, 1 lecture a week.
  •  Master skills with the help of 12+ assignments & gain success in your career.
  •  Practice in between two classes to improve your learning.
  •  Learn from experienced professionals, with real-world assignments


Course Fee

Full Course Fee : 40,000 INR

Under Skill Development Initiative, discount of 50 % available for Students and Needy (those struggling to get a good job).


C# Developer - Course Syllabus
Level 1 : Basics
Part A: Introduction
  1. Introduction
  2. ASP.Net Overview
  3. Understanding Assemblies
Part B: Getting Started
  1. Installing the Visual Studio & SDK
  2. Hello World Website
Part C: Familarise the Tools
  1. Visual Studio (VS) Overview
  2. Customizing Tools
  3. .Net Command Prompt
  4. How to work & Navigate faster in VS
  5. Keyboard Shortcuts
Part D: Learn C#
  1. C#:Overview
  2. Creating Classes
  3. Implementing Methods & Properties
  4. Working with C# datatypes
  5. Delegates and Exception handling
Level 2 : Advanced
Part A: .Net Framework
  1. Understanding assemblies
  2. Covering System assemby
  3. Extending framework classes
Part B: Data Management
  1. Designing Data Model
  2. Working with MS-SQL
  3. Storing Manipulating Data
  4. Filtering Searching Data
  5. Stored procedures
  6. Collections: Arrays & List
Part C: ASP.Net
  1. Working with Data grids repeaters
  2. Working with Server controls
  3. Working with HTML controls
Part D: Master Oops
  1. Oops overview
  2. Working with various design patterns
  3. Understanding Interface and Inheritance
  4. Implementing in real world project
Level 3 : Expert
Part A: Advance features
  1. Using Reflection for automation
  2. Threading and multitasking
  3. Using debugger
  4. Make your own server side control
  5. Working with Webservice
Part B: AJAX
  1. Parsing using XML
  2. Parsing using JSON
  3. Working with JQuery
  4. Working with ASP AJAX
  5. Working with JQuery AJAX
  6. Handling callbacks and asynchronous user actions
Part C: Complete SDLC
  1. Writing Unit Tests
  2. Testing your code for various scenarios
  3. Developer best practices   Coding Standards
  4. Documentation   Technical drawings

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